Scalpers hit the streets with ND vs USC tickets

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SOUTH BEND, Ind. (WNDU) - With the big game between Notre Dame and USC, there is big demand for tickets.

Scalpers 16 News Now spoke with say they are able to at least double the face value for the tickets they have for sale.

Right now on StubHub, tickets range from more than $100 for the upper level seats to nearly $600 if you're looking to get right by the field.

Scalpers near campus say there is even more money to be made with selling parking passes.

"The biggest demand, probably more than the tickets, are the parking, which is huge. Face value on the parking would be $100, and that can fetch anywhere from $300 to $750," a man who goes by "Tickets Marc" said .

If you're buying from a scalper, there is some risk involved. Make sure you verify the tickets are real before buying.