Abortion clinic applies to open in South Bend

Published: Oct. 13, 2017 at 11:28 AM EDT
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A Texas-based non-profit corporation has applied for a license to operate an abortion clinic in South Bend.

The city and surrounding community have been without a clinic for nearly two years, and pro-life advocates want to keep it that way.

“We’re just very disappointed to hear that another abortion clinic is attempting to locate here in South Bend, and we hope people will realize that that’s not what South Bend needs,” said Tom Gill, president of St. Joseph County Right to Life.

Right to Life has already started an online petition drive and is encouraging members to contact elected officials to register opposition to the clinic.

With the only clinic in town closed, 2016 marked the first year in more than three decades in which there were no abortions performed in St. Joseph County.

“There were only 161 women from St. Joe County who had abortions outside the county last year, and that number is significantly lower than most other communities, in fact, so I think it further demonstrates that abortion just isn’t necessary in this community because we have the resources here to deal with any kind of crisis pregnancy,” said Gill. “Woman can get the help they need without going to an abortion clinic.”

Yet a Texas-based nonprofit called Whole Woman’s Health Alliance has applied for a state license to open a new clinic in South Bend. The application lists the location as 3511 Lincolnway West.

Paperwork filed with the State of Indiana indicates that the clinic will not offer surgical abortions, and will offer those using the medication mifepristone, also known as RU-486.

“Our patients will come to our clinic, take the medication in the presence of a physician, and then leave the clinic shortly after. Another medication is taken by the patient at home, up to two days later, after which the patient is scheduled for a follow up appointment to confirm that the pregnancy is terminated,” Whole Woman’s Health Alliance explained.

Right to Life has started an online petition drive against the project, and its members are being encouraged to contact elected officials to voice opposition. You can find more information at

The license application paperwork obtained by NewsCenter 16 carried the date of August 1, 2017.

We attempted to contact multiple pro-choice advocates in the South Bend community.