SBPD squad car involved in crash just south of downtown; no one injured

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SOUTH BEND, Ind. (WNDU) – A South Bend Police Department squad car was involved in a collision just south of downtown Monday night, but neither the officer nor any of the occupants of the other vehicle were hurt.

The collision happened at the intersection of Michigan Street and Bronson Street.

A Ford was headed south on Michigan when it crashed into the squad car in the intersection. The police car was going west on Bronson.

Officers said that after talking with the people involved and reviewing dashcam footage, they determined the police car had a green light. The driver of the Ford reportedly told police he could not see the red light when he continued into the intersection.

"The officer had the green light going westbound and then proceeds into the intersection, and the white vehicle came southbound through a red light," Patrol Sgt. Daniel Demler said.

The Ford was driven by a man who had his wife and teenage daughter in the vehicle. Neither the officer in the police vehicle nor any of the Ford's occupants were hurt.

Police said that it was less important who was at fault than that no one was injured.

"The officer's all right. We've made sure everyone's OK. Like I said, cars can be fixed. It's the human people we're worried about more," Demler said.