SB resident wants police department to undergo 'cultural competency' test

SOUTH BEND, Ind. (WNDU) --- Following the shooting death of Eric Logan by a South Bend Police officer, questions have resurfaced about the diversity of the police force.

Logan was African American. The officer who shot him, Sgt. Ryan O'Neill, is white.

A city resident believes a possible solution to increasing the trust between minorities and the police department is for a test called the Intercultural Development Inventory, or IDI, to be administered.

"This is all about equity. Things are not equal. So, if they are not equal, then what steps are we taking to ensure that the people on our streets, in our community, across the world, have a mindset of equity? Because we can do that," said Tiana Batiste Waddell, of South Bend.

Batiste Waddell is trained to administer the IDI, an internationally recognized test that she says gauges an organization's ability to interact with people of different cultures.

"Currently, in our city, we are dealing with communities that do not feel welcomed or safe," she said.

Batiste Waddell said the IDI doesn't take long to administer. It costs $40-$50 per participant, which includes the test results and debriefing. She adds it is used in various workplaces. Employees who test on the "spectrum" of lacking cultural competency can be given additional training.

She said it also pinpoints employees who are skilled at interacting with people different from them.