SB council tables vote on bill banning release of balloons

Published: Feb. 10, 2020 at 11:23 PM EST
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South Bend Common Council members on Monday tabled a vote to impose a $25 fine for intentionally releasing balloons into the air.

Council Member Jake Teshka, who wrote the bill, says it's not intended to keep people from buying or using balloons but to limit the environmental impact of them being littered.

He compared a balloon popping out of sight after it's traveled in the air to having the same impact of another balloon being littered on the ground.

"What this bill does is ban the intentional release of lighter-than-air balloons within the city limits," Teshka said. "What it does not do is ban the sale, use or possession of lighter-than-air balloons."

A vote on the bill was tabled until the second meeting in March to revise some wording and address concerns from other council members.

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