SB Mayor Pete Buttigieg appears on 'The View,' 'CBS This Morning'

Courtesy: ABC / 'The View'
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South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg made an appearance on "The View" Thursday morning.

Last week, he announced a presidential exploratory committee as a Democratic candidate.

Buttigieg talked with the show's hosts about joining the 2020 race. When asked about his strategy for going up against President Donald Trump, Buttigieg said he believes people are looking for something entirely new.

"I think we need bold ideas. We need a different perspective, and I think it's not a bad thing to come from a different generation," Buttigieg said. "Our generation is the one that provided most of the troops after 9/11. We're the generation that grew up with school shootings as the norm. We're the generation that's going to pay the bills on some of these tax policies right now. And we're the ones that are going to be living through the impacts of climate change that are accelerating as we speak. So, if you're thinking about what the world's going to look like in 2054, which is when I will be the current age of the current president, we just have a different sense of urgency around some of these issues. Because they're not somebody else's problems. They're personal."

Buttigeg similarly distanced himself from the rest of the Democratic candidates last week, saying, "I'm the only one who is living a middle-class lifestyle, in a middle-class neighborhood, in middle America.”

Buttigieg also appeared on "CBS This Morning" and addressed potentially becoming the first openly gay president.

"[I'm] definitely proud of who I am, I'm proud of my husband and our marriage is one of the most important things, the most important thing in my life," he told CBSN.

"I grew up in Indiana and I'm gay, so I'm used to dealing with bullies," he added. "I've been deployed in a war zone, I'm used to dealing with attacks; I think I'll be ready for it."