SB Common Council approves measure to reduce panhandling

Published: Feb. 11, 2019 at 11:24 PM EST
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Members of the South Bend Common Council unanimously approved a second proposal to decrease panhandling across the city.

The recommendation allows the city to work toward finding a concrete plan throughout the year.

Resolution 19-14 looks to provide temporary jobs in maintaining city parks and spaces to those who find themselves in the position that they need to panhandle.

Similar pilot programs have been successful in cities across the country.

"What happens is it gives us a chance over the year of 2019 to look at how we're going to put together those dollars to help out," Councilman Oliver Davis said. "We can look at what's already being done in terms of public services, and then we can look at what can be done through private, which will help us to uplift people."

Mayor Pete Buttigieg said after the meeting that he would approve the resolution.

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