SB Common Council adopts police reform and COVID-19 resolutions

Published: Jun. 22, 2020 at 10:28 PM EDT
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The South Bend Health and Public Safety committee gave favorable recommendations to two resolutions that focus on COVID-19 and police reform.

The coronavirus pandemic leaves many in Michiana without work or health care.

The South Bend Common Council is hoping the Medicare for All Act and the The Health Care Emergency Guarantee Act can bring some aid to our area.

"The idea is to make sure Medicare for All gets passed at the federal level. We want to be on the right side of history. We want to make sure the members of our public, the people who pay our bills, are allowed to live a better and healthier life," said Council member Henry Davis Jr.

The full council adopted the resolution 7-1.

Two weeks after the council tabled the decision on police raises, they discussed a resolution to acknowledge the need for the city and the police department to quickly implement police reforms.

Reforms ending the use of choke-holds, continuing work on the police discipline matrix, and organizing the citizen's police complaint board are some of the actions this resolution recognizes.

"My support for this is two-fold. I think it's important we acknowledge our support of the efforts being made by the police department and the administration, but I also think this resolution works to apply some accountability to make sure that moving forward we don't put this on the back burner and think that passing one or two bills and ordinances is enough," said Council member Rachel Tomas-Morgan.

The second resolution was also adopted by the full council.

Aiming to address the most pressing topics in 2020 thus far.

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