Rhino eyed for Potawatomi Zoo

It looks like the Potawatomi Zoo is about to make a heavy duty acquisition.

The zoo plans to acquire a White Southern Rhino.

“So we're still continuing to raise money for this exhibit as you can imagine a rhino, about a two thousand pound animal it’s a little more to contain than a lot of our animals here so it involves a lot of metal and a lot of concrete and poles,” said Josh Sisk, the zoo’s Director of Animal Programs.

It’s hoped the rhino will arrive by late spring of next year.

The project is receiving support from a $50,000 tourism enhancement grant funded through hotel /motel tax receipts.

“It'll be great to have our visitors come here you know educate them about the status of rhinos in the wild you know hopefully be able to meet, do some meet and greets with the rhino get up close personal,” Sisk said.

Generally speaking, most rhinos are said to like interaction with the public.