Reynolds Wrap to pay $10,000 for chief grilling officer to travel, eat BBQ

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(WDBJ7, WNDU) -- It's a dream come true: Reynolds Wrap is looking to pay someone $10,000 to travel the U.S. to find the best BBQ ribs in the country!

The aluminum foil company is looking for its next Chief Grilling Officer (CGO) for 2019.

"As CGO, you won’t need a comfy corner office because for two weeks in August, you’ll be busy tasting and savoring BBQ ribs from some of the top BBQ rib cities in the country," the job listing states.

According to the Reynolds Kitchens website, potential CGOs will be sharing tips, grilling techniques, photos on their website and social media page. You also will receive $10,000 stipend along with pre-paid travel and lodging.

All you have to do is submit a photo to of yourself grilling your favorite recipe along with 100 words on why you see yourself as the best fit for the job.

Applications close this Wednesday, June 19, at 12 a.m. Central.

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