Residents of Howe see extensive storm damage, deal with continuing power outage

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HOWE, Ind. (WNDU) - Residents in Howe are working together to clean up the aftermath of Wednesday night’s storm.

The small town experienced significant damage to buildings and vehicles, and power outages persist in the area.

“[It] felt like a hurricane was coming through the front door or a tornado sucked my house up or something,” said Paul J Miller, a resident. “I thought a tree was going to fall on me and kill me.”

Miller is known around town and works at the Howe Restaurant, which closed Thursday because of the power outage.

“I could tell looking out my front door or window this morning when I got up that we were closed, there’s no electricity anywhere,” Miller said. “What am I going to do? Well, I’ll get plenty of rest, that’s for sure. I won’t make any money, and that’s no good.”

Other businesses are closed due to the power outage, and some are dealing with damages.

For example, a van from Will’s Heating and Air was crushed by a tree.

“Everybody’s thinking about how their power’s out and they’re just waiting for the electric to come back on,” said Charles Simbec, another longtime resident of Howe.

Simbec said that although it will take some time for residents to recover from the physical damages, he’s relieved no one was hurt.

“It’s just amazing that nobody was hurt,” he said. “There’s been a lot of people out here helping.”

As of Thursday night, officials from the Northern Indiana Public Services Company, or NIPSCO, said they do not yet have an estimated time of restoration for Howe, but a crew has been assembled to service the town.