Residents fed up with poor heat at Harbor Towers in Benton Harbor

BENTON HARBOR, Mich. (WNDU) - Residents are speaking out after going weeks without heat or hot water at Harbor Towers in Benton Harbor.

Cold is what most residents are feeling two weeks after a series of bad breaks.

"There was no heat, no hot water and no electricity," resident Michael Young said.

The Benton Harbor Housing Commission, which is responsible for any repairs done at Harbor Towers, says all hot water has been restored and heat has been fixed.

After checking in with residents on several floors, most say that is not the case.

"They need to fix it. I pay my rent on time and I'm cold," resident Dennis Davis said.

Residents are not the only ones asking for the issue to be fixed. CEO of the Sharp Foundation Gwen Swanigan says she would like to see something done about it as well.

“My goal is to get someone who is responsible to come out and fix the heat for the residents, because I’ve gotten calls in my office and I have gotten emails from people stating this is an ongoing issue," Swanigan said.

"I ain't go heat in my house except when I run the oven. I have to run that to stay warm in here. I ain't got anywhere else to go," Young said.

The Benton Harbor Housing Commission declined to comment on camera but said they have been working every day to address the issue and will continue to work until heat is running in every room.

If you are a resident at Harbor Towers and are having problems with heat in your home, you are urged to file a report.

You can do that by contacting Executive Director Juanita Gibbs at 269-927-3546 ext. 16.