Representatives to meet about Fulton County wind farm

Published: Dec. 11, 2017 at 6:45 PM EST
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Fulton County may get a wind farm after all.

The Board of Commissioners voted to nix the idea last month. But Monday night, the Area Plan Commission is listening to the public once more.

Noise, pollution and ruining the rural countryside landscape are the main concerns with those opposing the project, while much needed revenue is driving the proponents of the plan.

"The calls I get are way against it instead of for it," said County Commissioner Rick Ranstead. "I mean, it's not even close."

Commissioner Ranstead refers to the proposed Fulton County wind farms. He and the other commissioners nixed the proposal last month.

But the issue will once again be brought up in front of area representatives Monday night.

"I'll keep an open mind," said Ranstead. "But I was the one that voted to nix them, so unless I get my mind changed tonight, I would say that's probably going to be my vote next time too."

And by next time, Ranstead refers to the end of December, when the proposal goes before Fulton County Commissioners one last time. But others in the county disagree with the commissioners.

"It would be hard to overlook the money up front that the county would receive for projects and payments for land owners and additional taxes paid over the next 25 years," said Terry Lee, Executive Director of Fulton Economic Development Corporation. "It's hard to ignore that kind of impact that would have."

Lee does agree that the wind turbines would affect the landscape of Fulton County.

"It definitely changes it visually," Lee said. "I guess the real question is how long it takes you to get used to it."

The turbines are roughly 600 feet tall. And many residents are concerned about the noise they produce.

"That will be a very major factor," said Ranstead. "You have to do what your citizens want or you're in trouble. You always have to listen to the voices of your citizens."