Rejuvenate your hands by fixing bulging veins

Published: Aug. 6, 2018 at 3:45 PM EDT
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Hands are often a dead giveaway to age, but most procedures to get rid of them are temporary and the end result less than perfect.

They use fillers or fat, which disguises the veins, but doesn’t eliminate them.

A vascular surgeon in California is using an in-office technique that’s permanent and painless.

Alyse Aratoon didn’t like one specific aspect of getting older.

“I noticed that my hands were aging at a much faster rate than the rest of me and I had these big, bulgy hand veins that were just not pretty at all.”

She researched her options and chose the RejuvaHands procedure by vascular surgeon Gabriel Goren in Encino, California.

“It’s easy done, local anesthesia, office setting, no convalescence. You know, you drive away from here. Your fingers are moving,” said Goren.

Doctor Goren marks the veins and uses tools, which have hooks on the ends, to remove them through tiny holes. The procedure takes two to three hours.

“I will individually tease out the veins that come out in segments. No stitches are applied.”

Patients’ hands are bandaged, but they can drive themselves home. Before and after photos show fairly dramatic changes

“I'm very satisfied. I work out four to five times a week, and the veins are still gone," said Aratoon.

Doctor Goren developed RejuvaHands from a procedure called hook phlebectomy, or removing veins from legs.

He says bruising and swelling are the only side effects, and they go away quickly.

The procedure costs about $3,000.


BACKGROUND: For most, noticeable hand veins are actually healthy. These veins carry depleted blood from the hands back to the heart. Unlike bulging veins that take hold on the legs, bulging hand veins are usually not diseased. Rather, the skin on the hands thins and becomes less elastic as we age. The veins show through the skin more easily and can appear especially blue or seem to bulge. There are some specific lifestyle and genetic factors that make it more likely for you to experience bulging hand veins. Our skin changes as we age. Loss of elasticity and overall thinning put our veins on display a bit more than we’d like. During exercise, blood pressure in your arteries increases. This forces plasma in the blood to pool around the muscles and the muscles to swell and become harder. Heat tends to cause the veins to enlarge, making it more difficult for the valves within to function properly. For some people, bulging hand veins can be caused by vascular disease. This is why it’s a good idea to check in with a cardiovascular surgeon if your hand veins begin to bulge over a short period. As you age, your veins can stretch, causing the valves that ensure proper blood flow to malfunction.


CURRENT TREATMENTS: There are several treatment options for bulging hand veins, whether they are cosmetic or related to vascular disease. Laser vein therapy (EVLT) sends laser energy through a problem vein to cause the walls to collapse. The vein then seals off, and its appearance improves. EVLT is a straightforward procedure with only minimal downtime, and is extremely effective. Sclerotherapy is the more traditional vein treatment and has been administered for many years. Your physician injects problem veins with a solution that irritates the vein lining and causes the vein to collapse. This prevents blood from flowing through that vein and improves its appearance. Ambulatory phlebectomy is the removal of the targeted veins via small incisions. It involves local anesthesia. Vein stripping and ligation close the vein that supplies blood to the targeted vein. While you’re under general anesthesia, your doctor will make an incision, tie off the vein, and remove it. In these procedures, after your doctor closes the targeted vein, the blood that used to run in the vein is automatically shifted to other veins. The closed vein eventually fades away.

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NEW PROCEDURE FOR HAND VEINS: RejuvaHands is a minimally invasive procedure to permanently eliminate prominent unsightly veins in the hands. Many women try injectable filler treatments to try to hide bulging hand veins, however these treatments will need to be repeated at regular intervals to maintain the appearance. Gabriel Goren, MD, vascular surgeon , Vein Disorders Center in California, says, “I have personally seen patients treated with fat transfer and while the veins were less visible, hands appeared abnormally puffy, as if the patient sustained a recent injury.” To address these concerns, Dr. Goren developed the RejuvaHands treatment by modifying the minimally invasive technique of "ambulatory phlebectomy" which he has performed for years to treat varicose leg veins. “This technique removes bulging hand veins permanently in about two hours with a simple office procedure and local anesthesia, with no downtime,” he says. Unwanted veins are removed in small sections through tiny entry points that heal with no stitches.