Redfield says he's been dismissed from Notre Dame

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In an instagram post Saturday, former Notre Dame safety Max Redfield says he's been dismissed from the university.

Redfield was arrested in August along with four teammates in Fulton County and faces charges of possession of a hand gun without a license and possession of marijuana.

He was dismissed from the football team the day after the arrest but remained enrolled at the university. Now he says he's been dismissed from school all together and is not allowed on campus.

A Notre Dame spokesperson confirmed that Redfield is no longer enrolled at the university but said they could not confirm anything beyond that.

"Because of my dismissal from the NDFB and university, for the past two weeks and including today I am LEGALLY not allowed to be on campus for the first time in almost four years," Redfield wrote on Instagram. "Devastated doesn't come close to what I am feeling but is good at describing how I've felt for some time now. Regardless the love I have for I have for my brothers in unlimited and one of the most consistent things I know. SENDING RELENTLESS LOVE AND PASSION TO MY BROTHERS AND ALL PEOPLE OF GOOD WILL WHO NEED IT ��."

The four other players that were in the car with Redfield were charged with possession of marijuana. Those four--Kevin Stepherson, Ashton White, Dexter Williams and TeVon Coney--have remained on the team and in school.