Red Bud Trail dumping ground frustrating residents after two year battle

Published: Jul. 19, 2017 at 5:13 PM EDT
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It's been over two years since a South Red Bud Trail home started to become a dumping ground for someone's paper. It's become an eyesore for the community.

People who know the owner of the property say he's a little older and hard of hearing, so he isn't always alert enough to catch the dumpers. To help catch them, people who share the property have installed cameras, waited for the dumpers, and even called police, but so far nobody has been able to catch them.

Like clockwork, residents of nearby Buchannan say you'll see the paper pile up outside the Red Bud Trail home.

"It's been going on for at least two years," Buchannan Director of Public Services JT Adkerson said. "As a guy who drives by every day, we see a lot of it. I see a lot of it. It's unsightly."

It's not a big enough pile that it could be coming from too many people.

"It's just one or two people thinking that they're getting away with something and bringing havoc for other people," Adkerson said. "It's unfortunate that they take enjoyment out of that."

The majority of the trash is from newspapers, and I can hear you say "Why not look for the address it's being sent to?" Well, the dumpers are careful enough to leave those pages out of the mess.

"You see that someone has taken the time to cut paper in certain squares and certain ways and they put a lot of thought and effort into doing this," Adkerson said.

So the community has been fighting back with its own efforts to clean the yard.

"In Bertrand they've taken an active role in organizing groups to be out there to pick that trash up too," Adkerson said. "I know everybody's really really frustrated with it."

After two years, the constant battle to clean the paper is growing tiring, so the community is hoping the war will come to an end.

"I'd really like to catch the guy, that's for sure," Adkerson said. "I can tell you that you'd have a lot of happy people who don't want to see our properties destroyed with blight and illegal dumping going on."

In the couple years this has been happening, it's been reported to the Berrien County Sheriff's Department multiple times, but nobody's been able to figure out who these people are or why they're doing it.

If you see anyone doing the dumping, call the Berrien County Sheriff's department and let them know.

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