Records reveal Florida bank shooting suspect showed warning signs at Bremen HS

MARSHALL COUNTY, Ind. (WNDU) - Police records have revealed Zephen Xaver, the Marshall County native and accused Florida Bank shooter, has a history of psychiatric problems.

Zephen Xaver

According to Bremen police reports, officers were called to Bremen High School to talk to Xaver in 2014. He was 16 at the time. School administrators informed police after Xaver said he had a dream about killing other students inside a classroom.

Xaver's mother was asked to transport him to a mental health facility.

Documents also reveal an incident in 2017. A girl called Michigan State Police after Xaver messaged her talking about suicide by cop and taking hostages.

The documents also list other interactions with mental health facilities.

Local psychotherapist Dr. Erin Leonard said those past circumstances indicated Xaver showed warning signs of violence.

"Anytime a child has violent fantasies about hurting or killing others and has a plan, talks about what they would use or when it would happen or where it would happen – that's very serious," Leonard said.

Leonard also said individuals who show a lack of remorse should be considered for intense therapy.

"When a child has a lack of conscience, it's a pretty serious thing, because they're so egocentric, they don't understand how their actions impact others," she added. "When people lack a conscience, they are more apt to hurt others impulsively, especially in the teenage years."

Leonard said incidents where individuals show warning signs should be reported to police so the incident can be documented. Then, the individual should undergo intense therapy and be supervised.