Rain and snow to finish the weekend

Rain showers will pick up this evening as a storm system moves into our area. It’s possible that we may hear a rumble of thunder in spots. Temperatures should remain fairly steady in the mid to upper 30s this evening, rising into the low 40s overnight.

We should see some dry time tomorrow morning, but rain should pick back up again in the afternoon on the back side of the low pressure system. As temperatures slowly fall we should see some flakes mixing in. Tomorrow night the rain/snow mix should turn to all snow, especially for far western areas (La Porte/SW Berrien counties) as winds shift to the north. Lake-effect snow is possible into Monday in these areas, but with the warmer ground accumulation should be minimal, generally around or less than ½ inch the way it looks right now. Clouds will linger into Monday night, but the rest of the week is looking pretty tranquil with temperatures near normal for early December.