Rail crossing repairs to close Logan Street in Mishawaka

MISHAWAKA, Ind. (WNDU) - On Monday, plans called for Logan Street just south of Jefferson Boulevard to close for two weeks, and many people in the area couldn’t be happier.

“I feel excited about it because the road’s going to be, the tracks [are] going to be fixed. People aren't going to tear their cars up,” said Joel Hale, who lives in the area.

The two-weeklong closing will accommodate the improvement of the Canadian National Railroad crossing at Logan Street.

All drivers may cross the tracks for the same reason — to get to the other side — but no two drivers seem to do it in quite the same way.

“When I get there, I slow down, and then I got this way, and then I've got to come back that way, and then I can get out because there's so many holes in it,” Hale said.

“The way they are now, I just go, when I'm going that way, I go very right, and when I'm coming, I guess also I go very right, try to stay to the edges and like 5 miles [per hour],” said Ambera Truitt, who works near the crossing.

NewsCenter 16 was told the city of Mishawaka received about a complaint a week about rough rail crossings and passes those on to the appropriate railroad.

As crews on Wednesday staged the materials needed to make repairs, it remained unclear if the squeaky wheels were about to get the grease.

When asked how many times he has complained about the crossing, Bob Spear replied: “I can tell you it's a lot, and I've been calling for the last three years.”

Spear called the current condition of the tracks unacceptable.

“You go by there, you're going to knock your front end out of alignment, blow a tire or something. You never can tell what you're going to [have] happen,” he said.

A spokesman for CN said the railroad will rebuild 535 crossings this year in collaboration with local road authorities.

Citizens who have questions or those who want to submit a claim for crossing-related vehicle damage can call 888-888-5909.

Earlier this year in South Bend, repairs were made to a South Shore Line crossing near Lincoln Way West and Bendix Drive.

Last year, Canadian National rebuilt the crossing on McKinley Avenue between Filbert Road and Merrifield Avenue.