RV manufacturers considered essential businesses, according to RVIA

According to the RV Industry Association, Indiana officials have qualified the industry as an essential business.

With that, they can stay open, but the governor's executive order is still encouraging all businesses to do what they can to minimize the spread of the virus among their employees, even if that means "minimum basic operations."

From the RV Industry Association:

Based on the information RV Industry Association has received from Indiana state officials, RV manufacturing qualifies as an essential business in the state of Indiana under Governor Eric Holcomb’s March 23 Executive Order (see top of page 8 of the Executive Order)

Although RV manufacturing qualifies as an essential business, the intent of the Executive Order is to reduce the spread of the virus by getting as many Hoosiers as possible to stay home and work from home. The guidance encourages all businesses to consider what they can do to minimize the spread among their clients and their employees, even if they are considered essential. This includes determining their company’s “minimum basic operations” (Page 8, paragraph #15) and being flexible with employees, especially those most at risk.

Businesses must ensure social distancing, good hygiene and hand washing practices are taking place for employees who are on site, as well as checks being put in place to ensure sick employees are staying home.

For the latest updates, visit the RV Industry Association’s COVID-19 resource page.