RV industry asks Indiana lawmakers to remove sales tax requirement

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INDIANAPOLIS (WNDU) - Representatives of the RV industry on Tuesday appeared before an Indiana Senate committee asking that retail dealers not be required to collect Indiana sales tax on the units they sell to certain out-of-state customers.

It was compared to Hawaii being asked to help the pineapple industry and Kentucky being asked to assist the bourbon and horseracing trades.

Eighty percent of all RVs are made in Indiana, yet dealers are said to be losing business to retailers in some neighboring states that don't have to collect state sales taxes.

"It just seems sort of nonsensical for us to have such a manufacturing industry presence here and to see the dealerships kind of suffer," said Bill Waltz with the Indiana Chamber of Commerce.

The committee took testimony on the RV sales tax bill Tuesday and will consider amendments and a possible vote next week.

"I'm just trying to figure out where the rubber meets the road when we come here talking about we want to help an industry," Democratic Sen. Greg Taylor said. "If they're struggling to make ends meet, then we should probably be here talking about this, but I haven't heard anybody say that they're struggling to make ends meet."