Put your car in a good position to survive the Michiana winter

Published: Nov. 14, 2019 at 4:21 PM EST
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Although it's still technically fall, the winter weather has arrived in Michiana.

So, 16 News Now curated some simple tips to keep your car in good shape so you can stay safe in this weather.

Remember to check all fluids, especially your antifreeze and washer fluid.

Regularly check your tire pressure and put on winter tires if you can; the different tread and material make a huge difference in the snow.

Also, let your car warm up for three to five minutes, and to make sure your car starts at all, check your battery.

"The phones are ringing because people's cars are not starting, the people with the weak batteries that only have half the battery power," Rick's 66 owner Rick Ferrara said. "Cars are not going, so we're getting call after call to come and jump-start or replace batteries."

It is best not to wait to check on these things. Taking a few minutes now could save you an expensive repair bill down the line.

For more tips, watch the video above.

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