Preview: Grandfather of Delphi murder victim talks with Maureen McFadden

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DELPHI, Ind. (WNDU) - While Wednesday marked the anniversary of the day Delphi, Indiana murder victims Libby German and Abby Williams went missing after taking a walk on the Monon High Bridge, Thursday is the anniversary of the day when hope ended and their bodies were found.

NewsCenter 16's Maureen McFadden sat down at home with Mike Patty, Libby's grandfather, who, along with his wife, Becky, raised Libby from the time she was 3 years old, along with her older sister.

Mike said that, in many ways, the two-year anniversary came quickly, because the family has been dedicated and involved in finding the man, who he describes as "pure evil" for taking the life of his granddaughter and her best friend.

He says there are now close to 40,000 tips that have come in, but he is only interested in the one tip that will bring the girls' killer or killers to justice.

Mo asked him about the story circulating late in 2018 about a man who resembled the sketch of the killer being taken into custody in Randolph County.

"Do you know if that has gone anywhere, or has it been debunked?"

"I wouldn't say it's been debunked. I mean, it's definitely a tip that's been called in. I know they are investigating it, but we have kind of trained ourselves as a family to not get too hyped up until law enforcement has a chance to do their job."

Thursday, on the anniversary of finding Libby and Abby, who were out enjoying the unseasonably warm February weather, Mo will have more of her sit-down with Mike Patty.

He'll share more on his hopes and dreams for Libby and his hopes that this killer is brought to justice.