Pop-up libraries help kids learn while school is out

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School's out, but that doesn't mean the time for learning is over. Niles Community Schools want children to pick up a book and read.

So, they're making it easy with 6 pop-up libraries throughout the summer where anyone, but preferably children, can come in and grab one or two books depending on how old they are.

It's not just any old book; children are guided toward certain material depending on their reading level. Public libraries often offer summer reading programs, but at these pop-up libraries, children get to take home one of over 10,000 books to own, not just to check out.

The goal for the school system is that reading levels improve in the fall, but children just say it's a good time.

"You get to learn new words while you read and you can learn some facts in books sometimes that are non-fiction," 8-year-old Melissa Vandenburg said. "But in fiction books, you can just have a lot of fun with the fairy tale animals and all the fairy tale creatures and people in the fairy tale books."

If you missed it on Wednesday, the next pop-up library will be on Monday at noon in the Northside Child Development Center in Niles.