Police warn of counterfeit money in Michiana area

ELKHART COUNTY, Ind. (WNDU) Police are warning you to watch out for counterfeit money that is being used in the Michiana area.

From the Elkhart County Sheriff's Department on Facebook:

Crime alert: Counterfeit money (sold as prop money on-line) is turning up in the area in all denominations from $1 bills to $100 bills. See the photo. Often the corner is torn off (to exclude the hashed markings).

Someone quickly taking one of these pieces of paper may be fooled that they are real currency. Take a moment to look at your "money" during transactions.

Also, in case you see this an opportunity to get rich, and you'd like to quit printing your own counterfeit and just merely purchase a bundle of these on-line, police agencies are having success in locating the source of the bogus money and leading to future arrests.

If you find these in your business or personal funds as a result of a transaction, please call your local police to report the crime.

(The Chinese markings are original on the prop money.)