Police warn about Netflix phishing scam

Published: Dec. 17, 2018 at 12:55 PM EST
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Police in Ohio are warning people about the latest phishing attempt.

The Solon Police Department posted on Facebook about an email scam that appears to be coming from Netflix. The email says the person's account has been put on hold due to "trouble with your current billing information."

You are then prompted to click a big red button to update your account information.

Police say, if you don't have a Netflix account, that should be your first clue that it's a scam. Secondly, don't click the link.

They say you could be voluntarily giving scammers your personal information, or they could install malware on your computer.

You're advised to contact the source of the email by another method that you trust to make sure your accounts are maintained.

for other tips from Netflix to keep you safe.