Police say crash that killed 3 is the most heartbreaking accident in some time

Published: Oct. 30, 2018 at 4:31 PM EDT
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Parents thought they said a temporary goodbye to their kids before they left for school with their minds on other worries of the day.

“What we thought mattered this morning at about 6:55 doesn’t matter,” Indiana State Police Superintendent Doug Carter said.

Alyssa Shepherd, 24, didn’t stop her truck when 4 kids crossed the road to get on their school bus, even though the stop arm was lowered, telling drivers not to continue.

“It’s everyone’s responsibility to make sure our children get to and from school safely," Sergeant Tony Slocum said. "And when it doesn’t happen, which it did not in this case, it’s heartbreaking.”

Police say it happened so fast with little time to react for three siblings, twin 6-year-olds Xzavier and Mason Ingle and their 9-year-old sister Alivia Stahl.

“It’s such a blink of an eye how the world can change for so many different people,” Carter said.

Police say seeing their dad walk over and confirm it was his kids laid out on the road was the most heartbreaking thing they’ve seen in a while.

“I just can’t imagine that pain," Slocum said. "I haven’t seen troopers cry in a long time, but I saw that today. Our heart just breaks for him and his family.”

But there was one survivor, 11-year-old Maverik Lowe, was also hit, but was alert when police showed up. He was taken to a Fort Wayne hospital where he’s fighting for his life.

Police are investigating and using everything they can to find out what led up to this terrible crash.

“We’re trying to determine why and how this happened despite doing it with a very heavy heart,” Slocum said.

Police haven’t said much about what will happen to the driver, but they’re working hard to make sure they know exactly what happened before anything else.