Police recover stolen Walmart trailer in Mishawaka

 Josephvon Johnson
Josephvon Johnson (WNDU)
Published: Jul. 2, 2018 at 4:42 PM EDT
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Police have arrested one man in the theft of a Walmart trailer full of goods.

They found it off of Grape Road Monday morning with the contents being unloaded into a local home.

After hearing information about a possible stolen Walmart trailer full of merchandise, one sitting out in the middle of someone's yard on grape road looked a little suspicious to police.

They took a look and found the trailer was stolen and it was being unloaded by several people. One man, 42-year-old Josephvon Johnson of Jackson, Tennessee was arrested for the theft of the Walmart trailer from a store in Lansing, Illinois...So how did it end up here?

Someone at the house says his cousin bought something on a discount warehouse website, and that's what led to the trailer making its way to Mishawaka.

After all of the action calmed down, Walmart sent its people in to reclaim their lost inventory. But it's hard work. I ended up helping out for 15 minutes or so and found that the entire garage was filled to the brim with products. And to make things worse, each item had been removed from its pallet, meaning forklifts were useless. The employees had to move everything by hand. This wasn't just one product being carried, there was everything from small candles, to bicycles, food, and more. So there was no way to sort what was being thrown in. Even with half a dozen people, the work looked like it was going to take a few hours just to load back up the truck.

Right now, police still won't say how an entire trailer was stolen from Walmart, but we'll keep you updated as we learn more.

The case is currently with the Saint Joseph County Prosecutor's Office for review and formal charges.

Mishawaka police say if you have any information on the case, you should call them at 574-258-1684.