Police investigating former board member's mishandling of finances; Arlington Swim Club needs your help

SOUTH BEND, Ind. (WNDU) - Arlington Swim Club in South Bend is in jeopardy, and it could close if the board cannot raise the funds to keep it open.

The former treasurer had mishandled funds since 2009, but it was four years ago that the board's president Chris Maurer noticed there was a problem.

"The gentleman that was in control of it, they were not paying the property taxes or the payroll taxes," Maurer said.

Maurer said over time they had about $125,000-$135,000 in missing funds.

The Saint Joseph County Police Department is currently investigating these missing funds.

"It makes it hard. We have been doing a lot of things to try and improve the pool...Very frustrating...The board has worked their tails off to keep it up and going. Our lifeguards have done the same...It seems like every time we get something taken care of, we get another bill in the mail, so we pay one, we get three more, and we can't do it any longer," Maurer said.

Thanks to the generosity of so many, the board has received about $100,000 in donations, but they still need about $25,000 by the first of the year.

"That way we can start the season off at a zero balance," Maurer said.

Many of the same families come back year after year, and as one individual said, "It's a safe place where memories are made."

"There's a lot of people that this pool means a lot to. It's been open since 1953, so it's touched a lot of peoples lives," Maurer said.

There is a GoFundMe account here.