Police have information on Delphi murders but not releasing it yet

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DELPHI, Ind. --- After one week, the community in Delphi is looking for answers after two girls were found dead and the suspect is still on the loose. However, police say they have information but don't want to release it publicly yet.

"There are facts only known to the person or persons who committed the murder," Sgt. Tony Slocum with the Indiana State Police said. "So we want to keep those facts close to our vest. We understand that's going to start the rumor mill but we ask people to take pause and not put out false information on social media sites because that does hamper things a little bit."

Slocum was referring to sketches circulating online that appear to show renderings of the suspect. Slocum says these were not released by police and should not be referenced as fact.

The agencies involved are remaining tight lipped on the investigation thought. What we do know is Libby German took a photo of Abby Williams on Snapchat around 2:00 p.m. last Monday. It was the last time they were alive and police haven't said anything about what they believe happened after. The lack of information or an arrest has made for a rough week for the community of Delphi.

"We had hope to find the girls alive," Shane Evans, Mayor of Delphi said. "When the bodies were recovered, it turned into sorrow, sadness. When it was announced it was a double homicide, it turned into frustration and anger. Since that point, it's been surreal. Hard to keep track of time."

While the community may be growing impatient, police want everyone to rest assured; they will get whoever did this.

"We're coming after the person or persons that killed Liberty German and Abigail Williams," Slocum said. We're not going to stop until that person is in custody. Just because we haven't released information into the media doesn't mean we don't have more information. [But], we don't have enough. We want more information from the public but rest assured, we're coming for that person. Our goal is to get them in jail and to be held accountable for killing Liberty German and Abigail Williams."

A cause of death has not been released, but the Carroll County coroner says the gross autopsy was completed last Wednesday. He says they will not release a cause of death until toxicology results come back and that could take at least another week.

Police have received some 250 tips since last week but are still asking for the public's help. Those with any information regarding the suspect in the circulating photo or who may have seen or heard anything near where the girls were last seen are encouraged to call 844-459-5786. Callers can remain anonymous if they wish.

Shaun Gallagher was at Wednesday's news conference, and he'll have a full recap on NewsCenter 16 at 5 and 6. You can watch the entire news conference on Facebook Live.