Police: Suspect conned way into elderly woman's home, stole her wedding ring

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(WNDU) – Police say a woman conned her way into the home of an elderly woman, then stole the older woman's wedding ring.

The incident happened Friday, according to a Facebook post from the Ontwa Township Edwardsburg Police Department.

The suspect reportedly arrived at the elderly woman's house and said she was there to test the water for lead.

She also told the woman she needed to test the wedding ring. When the older woman handed over the ring, the suspect left with it.

The victim reportedly has limited vision and was unable to give a description of the suspect.

Police advise that if anyone comes to your home and offers a service, it is important to get a description of the person and the vehicle he or she leaves in.

And if you ever become suspicious of a visitor, ask him or her to leave and call police.