Police: Woman attempted to kidnap children from La Porte day care

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LA PORTE, Ind. (WNDU) – A woman has been charged with two counts of attempted kidnapping for allegedly trying to lure children away from a La Porte day care on more than one occasion in July.

Kathy L. Koehn tried to get a 9-year-old and a 7-year-old away from the day care, according to a probable cause affidavit.

A day care worker told police she first came into contact with Koehn when she came to the child care center and began talking with children. Koehn reportedly asked one alleged victim how she was doing before the day care worker told the child to get away from the fence. Koehn reportedly responded by playing music loudly and asking the children if they liked the music.

When the day care worker asked another employee to come take a photo of Koehn, she took off in her red pickup truck "at a higher rate of speed," precluding employees from getting Koehn's picture.

The witness said Koehn returned another time and the worker immediately told another employee to get a photo. One of the children reportedly said he had his phone and said he would take a picture of the woman in the truck, and Koehn reportedly asked the alleged victim if he and another child were twins.

As the child took photos of Koehn, the day care worker said Koehn posed. She also offered the children candy and played music again, asking the children if they wanted to ride with her.

One of the children also reportedly told the day care worker drove by the child's house and offered him candy there as well.

The children police interviewed reportedly told officers the woman would not talk to day care workers, only addressing children.

Two alleged victims told police Koehn tried to entice a girl of about 3 years old by saying, "Hey, little girl, I've got a lot of blankets, puppies, cats and toys."