Plymouth sees big changes as two businesses plan to expand

Published: Jun. 11, 2019 at 6:31 PM EDT
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Some workers in Plymouth rolled up their sleeves Tuesday, as two businesses announced they are expanding.

Jerry Chavez, with the Marshall County Economic Development Corporation, said two businesses have big changes coming.

One business changing things up is Hoosier Racing Tire, an icon around here.

“Hoosier Racing Tire has a long-standing presence in the city of Plymouth and Marshall County,” Chavez said.

The company, known for its racing tires, now has a new product line: motocross tires.

“They will buy some new equipment that will help them manufacture tires, and these are the same type of tires you see on dirt bikes,” Chavez said.

The expansion project will be around $3 million.

The president of Hoosier Racing Tire said the city of Plymouth has been extremely accommodating to help with the expansion, but the exciting news does not end there.

Another business, Harrington Noodles, announced they are expanding, too, getting a new building.

“Harrington Noodles: It’s a family-owned business, and they produce a product that is kind of in that comfort food arena…Amish-style egg noodles,” Chavez said.

The company currently operates out of a small building in Bremen.

“They felt that they were doing so well with their sales and acceptance in marketplace that adding a new 6,000-square-foot building would be very profitable,” Chavez added.

This expansion project will reportedly cost more than $600,000.

Plymouth continues supporting existing businesses through tax abatements.

“We want them to recognize that within the city, within the county, we are here to help them…But more importantly they’re investing capital, which means that they have an interest to continue to stay in operations in Marshall County,” Chavez said.