Players, friends remember Curtis Frazier Jr. at football game

SOUTH BEND, Ind. (WNDU) - At Friday night's football game against Marian, Riley High School remembered 16-year-old Curtis Frazier Jr., who was shot and killed in last week's shooting.

The Riley football team had many tears in their eyes during a moment of silence for Frazier.

Players got on their knees, and remembered their friend.

"You have a brotherhood when you play on a team like this, so losing someone like that, it really hurts...Someone you couldn't help but love. You know, he's real funny, just a comical person, you know, hilarious. Everyone wanted to be around him," said player Gavin Luuga.

"The minute he walked in the doors, he lit up the whole room," said friend Adriem Macedo.

Players and coaches hugged and shook family members hands at the game.

"A lot of people have been walking around sad, long faces. It's hard and it's rough," Macedo said.

Players are not forgetting Frazier. They ran on the field with his old jerseys and had his initials put on their helmets.

"Everybody loved him so it was real tough on us, but we didn't let that slow us down tonight. We still practiced hard," Luuga said.

Frazier's funeral is Monday.

Police are still looking for a suspect(s).