Petition drive seeks to stop officer's pay

Published: Jul. 9, 2019 at 5:34 PM EDT
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In South Bend, it’s clear supporters of Eric Logan, who was shot by a police officer in June, want action, even if it’s a little fuzzy as to exactly what type of action is being sought.

Three weeks have now passed since the fatal officer-involved shooting of the 54-year-old Logan, and some strongly feel enough information has been gained to warrant action.

“One thing we do know, two things for sure, [Sgt. Ryan O’Neill] loaded Eric's body in a police car, illegal. The chief confirmed that with me personally, in front of the family,” Justice for South Bend founder Vernado Malone said. “The second thing is he didn't wear his body camera at the time, that body camera wasn't on.”

A new petition drive calls upon South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg to call for O’Neill to resign and to recommend that O’Neill be suspended without pay, instead of with pay.

“My brother had no knife. Hands down, bar none, he didn't have a knife,” said Tyree Bonds, Eric Logan’s brother.

At a press conference Tuesday, Bonds said he had been quiet and peaceful long enough, and he refused to "sugarcoat" what he feels is a cover-up.

“As a citizen, we pay for body cams. He was supposed to be some type of trained officer. He's got it on his wrist. As you run, you shoot, whatever, all these reasons body cams come on, for some reason, that didn't come on. And the other two officers pulled up there, too, theirs didn't come on either,” Bonds stated.

On Tuesday, an attempt was made to deliver the petition in person to the mayor’s office. While the documents ask for actions that may arguably run contrary to the law, one South Bend Common Council member said she believes it’s time to prove it.

"The family has assembled a petition to remove Officer O’Neill, and as it's been said, there's some statement that it's not possible according to the law to have that happen, but what we can do in the interest of transparency is identify those laws, identify those policies, pull out the municipal code. Let’s look at the contract, whatever those documents are that demonstrate what we can do, what we can't do,” 2nd District Representative Regina Williams-Preston said.

A statement from the mayor’s office indicates that the case will be evaluated for possible discipline at the conclusion of the special prosecutor and internal affairs investigations.

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