Pet Vet: "Veterinary Technicians"

Veterinarians are important to the health of our pets, but not as many know about "Veterinary Technicians" and the important role that they perform.

October 13-19 is National Veterinary Technician Week – a week set aside by the veterinary profession to recognize and celebrate these important team members.

Saturday morning, Kim Shine was joined by our own Pet Vet, Dr. David Visser, to learn more about vet techs.

Vet Tech Roles in Practice
· Assisting
· Phlebotomist
· Laboratory technician
· Radiology technician
· Dental technician

Advanced Vet Tech Roles
· Procedure nurse
· Emergency pet care
· Pet behavior specialist
· Management roles

Credentials of Vet Techs
· Veterinary technology program (2 or 4 year)
· Veterinary board exam
· Continuing education
· Re-certification

Veterinary Technology Programs
· Michigan State University
· Purdue University
· Vet Tech Institute in Ft. Wayne
· Online distance learning