Pet Vet: Toxoplasmosis

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For some toxoplasmosis may be a new word, but for many expectant mothers, fear is the reaction to this disease.

Pet Vet: Toxoplasmosis

Our Pet Vet Dr. David Visser is here to dispel myths about toxoplasmosis and clarify misunderstandings about the involvement of cats with this disease.

Toxoplasmosis and pregnancy

Neurological conditions and brain impairment
Some effects are not evident for years

Exposure Risks for Toxoplasmosis
Contact with contaminated cat litter
Eating raw or under-cooked meat (#1 cause)

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Why Toxoplasmosis risk from cats is low
Cats only shed cysts after THEIR first infection
Cats shed cysts for only 2 weeks after that
It takes 24-48 hours before cysts become infective to people.

How to Avoid Toxoplasmosis
Don't handle or eat under-cooked meat
Cooking area hygiene
Wear rubber gloves when gardening
Have someone else clean the litter box