Pet Vet: Saying Goodbye

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SOUTH BEND, Ind. (WNDU) Saying goodbye to our family pet can be a very traumatic event.

Pet Vet: Saying Goodbye

There are different options that some folks find helpful in this emotional time. Some of these options might surprise you.

It happens in almost every pet owner’s lifetime. A beloved pet has reached the end of life and a hard decision needs to be made.

Euthanasia is a painless step to relieve a pet of suffering. Although many pet owners realize the end is near, some have trouble letting go. Others say their pet let them know when the time was right. Either way, euthanasia can be a blessing.

But what about afterwards? Some owners feel a need for closure and might opt for a funeral or even a memorial service for the pet.

While some might chuckle at this idea, more than 600 pet cemeteries and crematories across North America offer these services.

Packages range from a simple locket of hair captured in a picture frame to full blown visitations, complete with engraved invitations, casket and burial plans.

Pet funeral experts say that many families aren’t content with the final visit at the veterinarian’s office. Memorial services offer a chance for everyone to come together to celebrate the pet’s life.

Cremations, along with a wide selection of urns and keepsakes, have become very popular as a means to remember your pet.

And, although it is less common, pet cemeteries can offer your pet a final resting place. Granite markers and headstones are also available.

Grieving for a pet is a normal part of dealing with the loss. Pet loss support lines have been set up in most states and can help you find peace in the memories of your friend.

These options become very important as owners realize that some of our local laws may prohibit them from burying their pet in the backyard. Pet loss and family transition -- It is just one more example of how pets have become more and more a part of our families…and our hearts.