Pet Vet: Cat Scratch Disease

Published: Aug. 24, 2019 at 9:07 AM EDT
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Cat Scratch Fever was the title of a Ted Nugent studio album from 1977. It also refers to a real medical condition in pets, and people. Our Pet Vet Dr. David Visser joins us now, without electric guitar, to give us more insight.

Cat Scratch Disease

• Bartonella henselae bacterium

• Found in flea dirt (droppings)

• Contaminated claws

• Transmitted through a scratch

Signs of Cat Scratch Disease in People

• Scratch or scrape to start

• Small red bump (papule)

• Regional lymph node pain/swelling

• Spontaneously resolves

Cat Scratch Disease – for at risk individuals

• Immunocompromised, elderly

• Initial signs as described

• Infection reaches internal organs.

Cat Scratch Disease - Prevention

• Preventing exposure

• Flea control

• No preventive antibiotics

• Declawing not considered standard

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