Pet Vet: Breast Cancer in pets

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Breast cancer not only affects people, but threatens the health of dogs and cats as well.

Our Pet Vet, Dr. David Visser, joined 16 News Now Saturday Morning to tell us about breast cancer in pets, as well as how this condition in animals is helping in our fight against this disease in people.

To Spay or Not To Spay?
· Spay: nearly 100% prevention of breast cancer
· Not spay: 1 in 4 chance of breast cancer, even if spayed after just two heat cycles.

Treatments for Breast Cancer in Dogs
· Surgical mastectomy or “lumpectomy”
· Chemotherapy
· Radiation treatment
· Anti-hormonal drugs

How Dogs Help in Cancer Studies
· Cancer is just as common in dogs as in people
· Dogs have similar environmental exposures
· Dogs and people share similar immune system characteristics