Pet Vet: Allergies, Mosquitoes and Heartworm

The dog days of summer are upon us and this combination of hot and wet weather has resulted in a tremendous amount of mosquitoes. But that’s not the only threat that this season creates for pets. Here to explain is our Pet Vet, Dr. David Visser.

Keys to Proper Heartworm Prevention
• Get it and give it!
• Continue to give preventative year ‘round
• Choose a broad spectrum product
• Remember both dogs and cats
• Mosquito repellents are NOT heartworm preventatives

Causes of Allergies in Pets
• Pollens/dusts/molds (inhaled)
• Food ingredient sensitivity
• Fleas and other insect bites
• Skin contact reactions

Managing Allergies in Pets
• Avoidance
• Flea and tick control
• Medication
• Modify the immune system