People who know Michael Young describe his volatile behavior

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A Mishawaka man is in St. Joseph County jail following a fatal shooting this week.

Michael Young, pictured left, of Mishawaka is charged in the shooting death of Markest Flowers on Tuesday night in downtown South Bend.

Michael Young is being charged with murder after police found a man shot to death in downtown South Bend on Tuesday.

One woman says she left her job in South Bend after Young threatened her life.

She admits she didn't see what happened Tuesday night, but says after having several conversations with Young, he appears to be the type to go looking for trouble.

Michael Young is in St. Joseph County jail facing a murder charge after a shooting this week. But former workers at one South Bend store say they're not surprised to hear Young may have pulled the trigger.

“He told me many times about the large arsenal he has of guns at home and that he always has a gun on him,” Grace Pickhardt says.

Grace Pickhardt says Young frequently visited the store where she formerly worked.

“The things he told me seemed to get darker and darker every time he told them to me,” Pickhardt said.

While many know Young for his years as a school guidance counselor at Elkhart Memorial, Pickhardt and her former co-workers say he often spoke of his Vietnam War record, its effects on him and his desire to kill.

“He seemed like a person with a very short temper, so a person who shouldn't have the access that he has to things. Because, a person with his temper seems to react very quickly to small things,” Chris Hall said. Hall also worked at the store and encountered Young in March.

The store itself didn't allow guns, and Pickhardt says Young was briefly banned from the store before returning in March.

“He told the ladies working there that he didn't care about our sign, and he showed them the weapon he was carrying, which was a handgun. He described me and he said, 'if she was here, I was going to blow her head off’,” Pickhardt said.

Pickhardt told police about the threat. They advised her to find a new job. That was the last she saw of Young, but says she feels terrible that Markest Flowers was in the wrong place at the wrong time Tuesday night.

“I don't know if there was a reason for it, I don't have any of the details. But I don't think he needed a reason. I think he just needed somebody to kill,” Pickhardt said.

Young told a judge he has hired an attorney. His next court date is June 16th.

Elkhart Memorial High School staff confirmed that Young worked there for 13 years, but retired in 2008 as a guidance counselor.