People displaying signs of encouragement during coronavirus pandemic

Published: Apr. 21, 2020 at 5:00 PM EDT
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People across our viewing area are working to keep hope alive as we continue to fight against COVID-19.

16 News Now learned how people are working to keep spirits high in our community.

While the Styrofoam cups spell something new everyday, each message aims to inspire whoever is reading it to keep hope in the fight against the coronavirus.

Denver Burns said he has his three boys rearrange the cups to spell something different in his fence everyday.

"I feel the world needs some positive. They need to see places where there's encouragement, where there's hope, and where there's messages that have an impact for the better not for the worse," said Michiana Community Church pastor Denver Burns.

Burns says he's noticed more people stopping by his yard in Osceola to take in the good vibes.

In Niles, Gregg Doud put up a display for a much more personal reason.

"I got an email from one of my cousins that his brother was rushed to the hospital--the I.C.U.-- and he had been diagnosed with COVID-19. It's been a difficult battle for the past five weeks. He's taken three steps forward and two steps back," said Niles resident Gregg Doud.

With so much uncertainty, Doud says his message is simple and straight forward.

"Hope. We have hope in our faith, and I thought that it was something that would be a good message for others as well. I wanted to dedicate it to Kerry in hopes that he'll receive a miracle and be healed from this," Doud said.

Willing family and neighbors to keep their heads high as we continue to navigate this pandemic.

Burns said all it took display his message was five dollars for cups, and some time to put them in his fence.

Now he challenges others in the community to spread some joy by doing the same.

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