Penn Hockey honors veterans with special uniforms

SOUTH BEND, Ind. (WNDU) Penn Hockey honored veterans before and during their varsity game on Saturday night.
This is actually something Penn hockey does every year.

Penn hockey honors veterans with special jerseys and pins.

They'll pick a cause and honor it during the game.

By choosing to honor veterans for this year's game, many of these players are playing for something personal.

Dawning the red white and blue, Penn hockey is playing for those who fought for their freedom.

In the case of seniors Carson Plonka and Cade Hurley, this means they're playing for their grandparents.

“It means the world to me to know that both my grandparents served in the military. One was a marine, one was in the army. Just to know they put their life on the line, sacrificed their time, just to protect our freedom and the country,” said Penn Senior Cade Hurley.

“It's a little more meaningful when you have someone in your family that's been in there in the past. So I just thought that it was a really good thing for us to do,” said Senior captain Carson Plonka.

Before the puck dropped, an honor guard displayed the colors and players gave commemorative pins to the veterans in the arena.

Plonka hand delivered one to his grandfather to thank him for his military service.

“We just thought this would be a really good thing to do. Just represent the people that fight for us. It's just really important for us to just notice that and pay attention to it,” he said.

Thanking those that sacrificed so much for their family and their country.
The JV hockey team will wear the same jerseys and honor veterans on Sunday.