Pelosi pushes Senate with House passage of George Floyd bill

Photo: Mike Shaheen / CC BY 2.0
Photo: Mike Shaheen / CC BY 2.0(WHSV)
Published: Jun. 26, 2020 at 3:14 PM EDT
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Passage of the House Democrats’ far-reaching police overhaul after George Floyd's death is shifting attention back to the Senate.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi signaled Friday that she’s willing to negotiate with the Senate, where a Republican bill collapsed this week. But she said, “The Senate has to do better.”

The Thursday night vote in the House was heavy with emotion and symbolism. It was one month to the day after Floyd's death in police custody, which sparked a global outcry over police tactics and racial injustice.

The Democratic bill has little chance of becoming law. President Donald Trump's administration says he will veto it.

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