Parents reunite with children after deadly Marshall County bus crash

Published: Dec. 5, 2018 at 5:54 PM EST
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Hours after a deadly bus crash that killed an eighth-grade boy many families reunited with their children at Plymouth Medical Center.

In all, 22 children were treated and released from St. Joseph Health System location.

The hospital wasn’t the first place many parents were told to go. It was actually Plymouth Wesleyan Church, which is about a six-minute drive away.

Senior Pastor Oliver Dongell said they were prepared to opened up their sanctuary and any other spaces that were needed. But because of the seriousness of this accident, the decision was ultimately made to redirect families to the medical center.

Dongell said one of the hardest things to deal with in situations like this is explaining why tragedies happen to children.

“Even though this was not from our county, it was from Pulaski County, it is one of those things that makes everybody want to kind of pull together to see what they can do. So, that means the community is not only feeling the hurt but wanting to know what they can do to help," he said.

The students attended Winamac Community Middle School, which is part of the Eastern Pulaski Community School Corporation. However, Dongell said location doesn’t matter when tragedy strikes.

“Even though it’s not your next-door neighbor, in a sense it is your next-door neighbor because it’s just a little ways away, and children are children. That kind of news hurts, no matter who it is," he added.

Indiana State Police reported 38 children, three adult chaperones and the bus driver were on the bus at the time of