Outrage after Kosciusko Co. resident says animal control officer shot her dog

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ETNA GREEN, Ind. (WNDU) - Folks in Kosciusko County are outraged after learning that an animal control officer is accused of shooting and killing a dog without the owner’s consent or knowledge.

A resident in the town of Etna Green says she was at work on Wednesday when her landlord allowed an animal control officer to take her dog, a 14-year-old boxer suffering from cancer.

After going to the shelter to find her dog, the owner was told her dog had been shot and killed.

“When she came home from work, the dog was gone and she asked her landlord and the landlord said animal control had come and taken the dog,” said Dr. Tess Peavy, the executive director of nonprofit Public Veterinary Services. “... She went to the shelter where the animal should’ve been taken and they had no knowledge of it, and they called animal control, and animal control told the shelter that he had taken the dog and shot it.”

When Peavy heard this, she couldn’t believe it, so she made a call to Animal Control to see for herself and says she spoke to officer Jerry Clase.

“He straight up said he shot it and that it was the right thing to do,” Peavy said.

In 2010, NewsCenter 16 reported that 16 complaints about Clase had been made to county commissioners, but they ruled that none of the allegations proved animal abuse.

“I don’t think this guy's salvageable,” Peavy said. “I don’t think anyone can educate him. From my conversation with him, he’s set in his ways.”

Peavy said Daisy’s owner lost her son back in 2014 when a tree fell on their home in Winona Lake during a wind storm. After that tragic loss, Daisy was all she had left.

“When she called me, I realized just how important this dog was; this wasn’t just your average dog that had a tumor. This dog was everything to her, because she’s lost everything and all she had was the dog. So when this officer took the dog and shot it and killed it, it really sent her back, because it was the second time she didn’t get to say goodbye,” Peavy said.

Clase was told in 2010 that he could be fired if an accusation of animal abuse against him proved to be true.

NewsCenter 16 reached out to Clase for comment but did not hear back.

The county administrator told NewsCenter 16 the county commissioners are looking into the allegation.