Open house at A Rosie Place highlights how they help medically fragile children

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SOUTH BEND, Ind. Community members had a chance to tour A Rosie Place on Saturday morning and to find out more about what the children's hospital does for thousands of families right here in Michiana.

Irish Dave from U93 is an ambassador for A Rosie Place and gave tours to visitors who stopped by.

A Rosie Place offers respite care for children who are medically fragile to offer their parents and family relief from giving constant medical attention.

Though the facility is a hospital, the atmosphere is that of a large family home where the children can play and make friends.

One couple first visited A Rosie Place during a tailgate event and thought it was a perfect place for their daughter to visit.

“We could go do things that Madeline probably wouldn't enjoy doing as much, so she would come here during the sleepovers and she'd have spa days, movie nights,” said Joe O’Reilly, Madeline’s father. “She got to meet friends who were similar to her and create these relationships.”

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