Old Studebaker Building 84 gets a giant face lift starting this year

Published: May. 25, 2017 at 7:45 PM EDT
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The old Studebaker Assembly Plant Building 84 is set to get a major face lift in starting in August.

It stands six stories tall; high enough to claim a share of the city skyline, and hover like a dilapidated cloud over the right field stands of Four Winds Field.

Some of the smaller buildings on the site have received attention.

The work on the exterior of Building 84 will start in August.

"It's a $10.4 million project it'll result in the re-skinning of the '84' building, the masonry work, redoing the windows, and making it really air tight and provide the economic impact that the community has been looking for. When you look at that structure, it's of such significance to our community and it serves as a barometer for our economic well-being when we can redo that," explains attorney Shawn Peterson.

Peterson also says some $30 million has already been spent renovating the Studebaker complex, a lot of it, you can't see from the street.

The building is so big, the work is expected to continue through 2018.