Notre Dame super fan becomes sensation

Published: Oct. 13, 2018 at 11:36 AM EDT
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"It's 80,000 people and we're excited to see Notre Dame take on any team," Notre Dame Junior Brandon Hardy said. "I'm always at the football games, you can catch me in the gold jacket in the front row."

Brandon is a Notre Dame super fan unlike any other. He's known around campus as the "Gold Suit Guy," always dressed to impress with a smile on his face.

From football to basketball, Brandon is always easy to spot in the student section.

"I really like it because it shows off my school spirit and shows off my style," Brandon said.

The stylish junior never dreamed he'd be somewhat of an icon at the school he felt destined to attend.Throughout his childhood, Notre Dame kept popping up. From a puzzle he played with as a child to various school speakers, Notre Dame always seemed to call his name.

College wasn't exactly typical is his family of nine.

"I always wanted to go to college and it wasn't always necessarily an option for me, I had to choose it for myself," he said. "I really worked hard, had a lot of grit and made my way out. I'm a first-generation college student here at Notre Dame, which is phenomenal."

Brandon moved from Atlanta to South Bend by himself, ready to conquer the next four years.

"I think that was what made me want to keep working hard, talk to people, and get to know everyone because I was in such a new place," he said.

Visits to eight countries, getting prestigious internships and being an Under Armor Ambassador are just a few of the highlights of the double major's respected resume.

"I really found my place and my purpose for being here and I'm living that purpose now," Brandon said.

The gold jacket guy is much more than the super fan you see on TV.

"It's been an interesting journey, an amazing journey," he said. "This is just the beginning for a lifetime of hopefully accomplishments and achievements."

Brandon is an example of true hard work and perseverance.

"A lot of kids out there who grew up like me, who don't realize they have the power to do the things I'm doing," he said. "Hopefully, by sharing my story, they can be inspired to do so."